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Borderlink Resources Limited

We are able to provide services and fulfill your needs in the following areas

  •  Handling Difficult People/Situations
  •  Customer Service
  •  Conflict Management
  •  Critical Thinking
  •  Time Management
  •  Effective Business/Proposal Writing Skills
  •  Conducting Effective Presentations
  •  Building your own Consulting Practice
  •  Critical Thinking in the Workplace 
  •  Contract Law – A Practical Approach
  •  Company Law & Corporate Governance
  •  Introduction to Project Management Fundamentals/Core Values

Borderlink Resources Limited can also conduct a Training Needs Analysis where we can provide a Training Consultant to assess and evaluate specific Training needs any organization may require.


Core Competencies:


  • Dynamic and innovative approach to training.
  • Customized training and consulting services.
  • Synthesis of current management theory incorporated into training programs.
  • Use of Information Technology for needs assessments, PowerPoint presentations and theory/action plans.




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